What's this?

This page lets you browse bookmarks posted to by any user via their (unauthenticated, read only) public JSONP feed API. Type your user name and click Load to fetch your most recent 100 bookmarks. Click List above to see them, and Usage, to return here.

Type a friend's user name and hit Load, and you will have the bookmarks of both users, browsable in the same view. Bookmarks are only flushed when you click Flush, so you can build up a large local database to browse like this, but you may find Exhibit getting a bit sluggish after a few hundred or so.

You can filter the view on what posters' bookmarks you want to see at any time by checking their names in the User panel on the right, or on which tags you are interested in with the Tags panel. (Note: right now, Exhibit does not support tag intersections, so checking two tags will show links tagged with either, not both. This might change.)

As you might notice, the URL hash is updated live as you type in the form fields. This is to make it easy to bookmark a specific bookmark set. (To, if you are feeling meta.) These bookmarks do not get your whole set though, just the one fetched when you click load.

The limit of at most loading 100 bookmarks at a time is enforced by the JSONP feed, but you can load other sets than your most recent bookmarks by specifying a tag in the Tags: field. Doing so, the loaded set will be bookmarks tagged with that tag. Or with several tags, if you specified more than one -- just separate them with spaces and/or commas. (For some reason, the API doesn't always provide 100 bookmarks when loading a tagged set, even when you have plenty.)

Play around with the different sorting options of each view, and have fun!

/ Johan Sundström